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Transformers Stabilisers
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FeeFO was mainly the R&D wing for our Power Conditioning Manufacturing Wing, earlier, and now included all into-one umbrella. R&D efforts includes, Foil based Transformers, Bar-Variac Servo Stabilisers, Fire- Rated Transformers (no insulation material), Green Motor, Flywheel based power backup solutions (for UPS, Inverter applications) for I-phase products. More technologies are in the pipeline.

FeeFo Electro Products Pvt Ltd

FeeFo Electro Products Pvt. Ltd. is a part of a 200-plus-crore group, and is specialised in designing, manufacturing, and supporting a comprehensive range of power conditioning equipment. The group has interests in NBFS, mining, television broadcasting, renewable energy and others.

FeeFo, originally an R&D firm in power conditioning, has brought together the two manufacturing firms' facilities (ALFO Electric and a Power Conditioning Division of Dynaspede) of these products under its fold, now covering all aspects of systems: R&D, Innovation, Patents, Design, Manufacture, and Service aspects.

Offered Products

Strong Solutions - Made Simple
Isolation/Ultra/Auto/K-rated Transformer - 1 to 2,000 KVA
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Servo Stabliser/MBV Stabliser - Upto 2,500KVA
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Digital Static Stablisers
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Specialist in
Fail Proof Transformer

Rapid advancements and developments are taking place in the design, analysis, manufacturing and condition-monitoring technologies of transformers, currently world-over.

These advancements are due to various factors such as - continuous increase in ratings of distribution transformers and autotransformers, and specific needs for highest reliability, and lowest maintenance needs (such as in Ships) etc.

There are also vital design challenges - to address inherent problems in the contemperoly deisgn & manufacturing,

  • stray losses
  • winding hot spots
  • short-circuit withstand capability
  • insulation failure
  • bi-directional winding

Foil Wound Transformer

We offer a Fail-Proof Transformer that matches the advancements, design challenges above.

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FeeFo Electro Products Pvt Ltd is part of a Rs. 200-crore group and specialises in the design, manufacturing, and support of a wide range of power conditioning equipment.

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